Private Healthcare Exchange Breaking New Ground in the Community

BridgeWorks Northwest a private health care exchange

We all choose to live in different communities for reasons that appeal to us, but regardless of what the reasons are, we all want to live in a safe community with other community members that share common values. We are excited to announce that we are breaking ground on a new community, Bridgeworks NW, a community of employers and their employees working together for improved health insurance solutions.

The community of BridgeWorks NW has a very simple mission statement. Help employers solve business problems and offer employees better healthcare options. We understand that the more business problems we can solve for employers, the more valuable we are to them. There are 3 critical problems that employers face in regards to their employee benefit plans that BridgeWorks NW can help solve. We have spent years crafting the insurance strategy we want to share with you.

It starts with employers gaining employees appreciation for coverage. Employees come in different sizes, and not all plans work for everyone. With defined contribution and BridgeWorks NW you can offer Ala Carte health insurance plans and products. Giving employees choice and customization of plans, while controlling cost for employers.

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Are all employer group health insurance policies the same?


Historically, insurance has been regulated in large measure by each state. Therefore, the laws regarding health insurance offered by the different types of employers can vary significantly from state to state. However, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal government also regulates insurance. This is particularly true for individuals purchasing coverage on their own as well as for smaller employers with 50 or fewer employees.

Also, different types of employers may offer different benefit plans. Millions of Americans work for small employers, which for health insurance purposes are generally those with 50 employees or less. Millions of other Americans get their health insurance coverage through large employers. Generally, those are businesses with more than 50 employees. The laws about how coverage can be issued to large groups are different than those for small groups, and the way that premium rates are determined is also different.

Employee Engagement Best Practice: The ‘Wellbeing’ Factor

With employees spending more time at work than ever before, ‘wellbeing’ has become a high priority for HR professionals, with most organizations providing at least one wellbeing benefit to their people. Best Companies has long cited employee wellbeing as a key element of a successful, happy workplace.

How your employees feel about stress, pressure at work, and life balance, is integral to your company’s potential for sustainable growth based upon the principles of transformational engagement. Given the strong correlation between engagement and financial performance, ensuring that employees feel looked after both physically and mentally, has never been more vital to organizations’ health.

Best Companies Accredited organizations offer a multitude of examples of exceptional, innovative employee wellbeing initiatives in action. Here are just some of the inspirational ways proven to generate optimal health for your company.

1. Raise Awareness

2. Just Listen

3. Think Social

4. Be Flexible

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M&G Innovative Solutions for Better Businesses and Employee Wellbeing

employee healthcare benefits

Since opening their doors in 1997, Montgomery and Graham, Inc. have been helping their clients to make a wide variety of innovative benefits available to their clients by providing strategic insurance planning and cost-effective solutions for businesses. Their service to clients in Oregon and Washington is unparalleled in the Northwest, leading in Oregon and Washington group healthcare with real clientcare.

In their efforts to provide the best options for their clients in planning employee benefits and health insurance, M&G have worked innovatively to create ACA plans for firms leveraging health savings accounts, self-funded insurance options, and unique combinations of the two. This creative approach helps Montgomery & Graham to provide both employer and employee benefits while structuring group healthcare plans that are just right for the special needs of each of their clients.

Montgomery &Graham, Inc. are unmatched in terms of their constant and careful client care. They offer numerous client rewards and additional services for convenience and better business strategy. When beginning to build an employee benefit package for a client, M&G use a thorough approach that involves a consultation, comprehensive company research, insurance planning, implementation and administration of the plan. After helping their clients to find the best possible health insurance plan for their specific organization, they also serve as the link between the employees and their benefit plan and continue to administer that benefit plan continuously and seamlessly. This ongoing support sets them apart for their excellent client care.

Montgomery and Graham are not merely interested in meeting the most basic needs of their clients’ organizations. Rather, they go beyond the bare minimum and truly focus on improving workplace wellness by assisting their clients with all facets their work. Better overall workplace wellbeing leads to lower health care costs, increased productivity, decreased absenteeism from work, and higher employee morale. Montgomery and Graham truly want that for their clients and work to achieve it. Their motivation and dedication to this goal has marked them as a firm that is trustworthy and helpful to its clients and constantly available for ongoing support on a wide variety of business and benefit issues.

Montgomery & Graham making smart business choices for Clients & Community

affordable healthcare benefits

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. provides innovative employee benefit planning in Oregon and Washington. They’ve been serving communities in the Northwest area since their founding in 1977. M&G, Inc., knows that many employers just don’t have the time to dedicate to carefully planning their employee benefits, such as dental, medical, and retirement planning. That’s where Montgomery & Graham steps in to take care of business. As they’ve grown bigger, the company has managed to retain their personal, small business feel and continue providing a high standard of customer service.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc., cares deeply about everyone that they serve, both companies and employees. However, they also care deeply about the less fortunate and are passionate about giving back to the communities that they serve. The company can be found holding blood drives or pet food drives to give back to as ways to give back to the community. Now, they’ve taken their dedication to community service to a whole new level.

The team at Montgomery & Graham, Inc. has partnered with WeThinkItMatters Inc. for web development and a branding campaign. This partnership has raised money to sponsor nonprofit organizations focusing on homelessness in Oregon and Washington State. Thanks to M&G, a total of nine thousand dollars has been raised to fund the project! This total amount will be divided into five hundred dollar increments and distributed to eighteen different charities throughout the Northwest.

Any nonprofit serving the homeless in Washington and Oregon can apply to receive a five hundred dollar sponsorship. The application process is easy and accessible, and the form to apply can be found on the WeThinkItMatters, Inc. website. Visit their site today to share what five hundred dollars would do for you — and if you are interested in innovative employee benefits for your company or the best personal protection, visit for a complete tour of the company’s offerings.

MGBenefits for Employer and Employee Wellbeing

employee wellness benefits

It’s not any myth that decade after decade people living on the earth have to come across with hazardous life situations at least once in a lifetime. Every solitary human kind is either fighting for a better tomorrow or coping with a problematic present. Generation after generation each individual is battling to survive the hurdles of life.

While thinking and planning for the safe and sound future and present, it is quite obvious that a person opts to get insured with a trusted insurance organization. The world is full of dangerous conditions as it is the busiest time in history and people hardly have time to care for either their self or any other. There’s no doubt that any individual can undergo any sort of accident or incident. Hence, it is essential for people to get insured to endure any nature of mishap in their lives.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is one of Oregon’s and Washington State’s top-notch and respected insurance brokers, serving the Northwest since 1997. The company has a team of professional and well educated executives who offer smart financial solutions to their clients and provide them the utmost clientcare when needed. Since its formation M&G has came up with innovative and inventive benefit plans for both the employers and employees. MGBenefits offers an array of insurance solutions to businesses and individuals, and also lend a helping hand to the employers in their cost management and employee retention. The firm also provides personal insurance as well to Washington State and Oregon through group health insurance with health saving plans.

M&G analysis each and every aspect of a company and talk to employees to outline the basics of packages and what is covered in their health benefits provided by the employer which can included life insurance, medical, and dental insurance as well as the retirement plans. Then Montgomery & Graham carry out research in order to get the information regarding the employees separate needs other than offered benefits. By applying this method the employees can be offered tailored packages of healthcare benefits by the employer. And M&G also offer to assist in all sort of paper work necessary for this process. In this manner both employer and employee attains their desired plan as the employer can manage their cost by offering the needed benefits while employees gets their desired benefits.

Property and casualty insurance diminish the probability of risk or at least protection from them, therefore this protection is also offered according to the business or personal needs and requirements of the person or company. These insurance policies are offered fully customizable to the needs of the client and offer a policy of their own design.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. are pleased and happy to serve their clients and offer a dedication and hard working team. The team of insurance experts at M&G lend a helping hand to clients and offer them a voice to ask questions related to their insurance. Find out how working with MGBenefits can protect your team and offer innovative healthcare savings!